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California’s Number One CBD Preroll Brand re-launches as Joiant

California’s first-launched and top-selling CBD Pre-roll, Prism Farms, has a new name: Joiant.  Prism/Joiant has been providing a full spectrum of innovative CBD:THC blended cannabis products to California patients and consumers since 2016, earning the number 1 position in sales of CBD-dominant pre-rolls in CA, ahead of such notable brands as Marley Naturals, Lola Lola, and Lowell’s.  


Joiant premium blends and pre-rolls provide dependable and fast-acting effects, ranging from relaxation to pain and anxiety relief to an uplifting creative rush, depending on the blend. Joiant (pronounced ‘joy-ant’) is rooted in the French word joir, which translates to “intense pleasure, joy”.  Cannabis lovers have always had a certain “joie de vivre,” and Joiant will now bring them a new “Joiant de weed.”


“We felt there was a unique quality to our products that the name didn’t capture,” said company founder, Lindsey Kirk.  “When we landed on our new name, we were delighted to find a word that not only captured the joy and lightness of our brand promise, but that also hearkened back to one of the timeless, iconic terms of the cannabis world: the joint.” 


Joiant is a homegrown California cannabis brand, founded by former Kiva Confections brand ambassador Lindsey Kirk after spending two years visiting SoCal dispensaries and seeing firsthand the need for convenient, reliable CBD and THC blended inhalables. In 2018 data firm BDS Analytics named Joiant the number 1 CBD preroll brand in California and in early 2019 Lindsey began to compile an all-star management team, including Jon Kraft as CEO and Davide Berruto as CPO. Jon previously served as Co-founder and CEO of Pandora Media, the largest online radio product in the world with over 150M registered users in the U.S. Davide previously served as Co-Founder, CEO and Creative Director of Environment Furniture, whose mission is bringing innovation and sustainability to the furniture industry.